Corona changes everything

I am 42 years old Croatian. I remember Tito and Yugoslavia, it was a part of my childhood. There was a war in my country during my teenage years, so many crisis… So many politicians, Yugoslavia, Croatia, bad guys, good guys, monetary changes, my personal whereabouts and struggles to become who I am today…a lot of hard times. But nothing ever prepared me or any of us for  the whole world to press on a brakes and change in front of our eyes. It’s scarrry, t’s terrible, this fear of a disease that came as a warning to a life that we all take for granted.

Killing animals, forrests, natural habitats, everything for a profit or our pleasures, greed for money, celebrating fake, plastic people, being ashamed of our natural signs of age… Just look at the TV, look on the internet who your children are admiring! What did this people really ever do apart from parading arround with their fake bodies, faces and hairs, making beautiful young people thinking they are not pretty enough, not thin enough, that their clothes are not a latest fashion, that their car is not good enough… Nobody enjoys the moments, they are busy taking selfies. Well, not so many selfies now! We are at home, spending quality time with our families and I can truly say that I am never bored. Finally all this technology is getting to be really useful: our children are taking lessons at home, a lot of people are working from home.

True influencers now are all the people that are making sure we can cope with this difficult times: doctors, nurses, all the people working in hospitals, shops, truck drivers, bakers, farmers, everybody that are in the first lines. They are the true heroes, all that people that make the world, all of us go on. Don’t you forget that once we get our lives back. Because nothing will ever be the same. I hope we all learn our lessons and become better people,  we can be. Rethink your values, rethink all of your lives. I know I am. I want to be better person, I want to have more time for the people that are important and also, having more time for myself. I owe this to myself. We all owe it to ourselves. Please, be kind to yourself by being kinder to others. To people, animals, nature. New world can be better. I still believe in good in people. And believe in myself.